Friday, September 18, 2009

To The Tower

     Today we woke up and went to The Tower of London.  We got there first thing which was nice because it wasn’t too crowded.  I went and saw the Crown Jewels first.  They were stunning.  I saw the biggest diamond in the world (530.2 carats) and couldn’t believe it.  It was fun to read all of the information about the jewels and the traditions and ceremonies in which they are used.  My other favorite thing at the Tower was the White Tower.  It is the central part of the castle, is so pretty, and full of cool armor that belonged to King Henry VIII.  In addition to exploring the Tower, we went on a guided tour of the grounds that was really interesting.  I also went to the top of Bloody Tower and Beachaum Tower.  It was fun to learn that the saying “laughing my head off” came from when the final person to be beheaded at the Tower, Simon Fraser, watched 10 people that had come to watch him be killed were crushed to death by scaffolding. 

In the seat of Charles II
(also the planned name of my first son)

The White Tower

Outside the Jewels

Outside the Tower of London

Tower Bridge
     After exploring the Tower for a few hours, a group of us headed back to the center.  On the way back we got off of the tube at Kings Cross Station and went to Platform 9 ¾.  Kacey loved it and I myself thought it was pretty fun.  We had some yummy lunch when we got back, then got a few things done before dinner.  

     After dinner we headed to The National Theater to see All Is Well That Ends Well.  The tube was running slow and a group of 10 of us had to race across a bridge and up the riverbank so that we wouldn’t be late.  Luckily we made it on time and the play was good, but a little long (3hours).  I’m now home, tired, and ready for bed so goodnight!

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