Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dove Cottage & Hill Top Farm

     Today was our second day in the Lake District.  We woke up and headed to Dove Cottage, the home of William Wordsworth.  Once there, we went on a guided tour through the house and then spent some time in a museum that was on the property.  It was cool to have read some of his works and visually get an idea of the setting in which he wrote so many famous works.  As we were loading the coach we noticed that Brooke (the super annoying 18 year old) and Nicole were missing.  However, it was time to leave and so off we went without them.  We had been told over and over again that the bus leaves at the designated time so to not be late, but none of actually thought it would be followed so strictly so it was actually kind of funny. 

     We then went on a country ride to view the lakes and landscapes.  The ride was very beautiful, but the curvy roads made everyone feel a little carsick.  Next, a group of us caught a ferry to go to Hill Top Farm, the home of Beatrix Potter aka the author of Peter Rabbit.  We had to wait a while to catch a shuttle after taking the ferry and Dr. Evans and Dell Ray were so nice and fed us all sorts of food from cheese and crackers to dark chocolate Kit Kats.  They are seriously the coolest/nicest couple and I told them that should anything ever happen to my parents, I would have them take custody of me. 

Sheep crossing during our Country Drive
     Once we got to Hill Top Farm we walked around the gardens.  They were so green and pretty, plus we even saw a few rabbits throughout the grounds.  We also made a stop in the little gift shop where I bought a copy of Peter Rabbit to have for my first child.  After exploring the farm, Courtney, Kacey, Dell Ray, and I walked up a path that overlooked the small town.  While walking she told us all about her family and how her daughter designs Martha Stewart’s Halloween line, Christmas line, and Crane Wedding Invitations as well as stationary for Princesses in the Middle East.  I was excited to hear that the two of them have a small business doing wedding invitations and she said they would do mine (even though it's probably 10 years away).  After the walk we met others at the pub and had some hot chocolate (it was a pretty chilly day).  We then got back on the shuttle and caught the ferry so we could catch the coach to go to the hostel. 

Waiting for the Ferry

Hill Top Farm

     Our hostel was actually pretty nice, but the location was amazing because were located right on the Lake and next to the pier.  I roomed with Courtney, Lauren, Andy, Sicong, (Yes, she does randomly “meow”) and Ashael.  Once settled Kacey, Courtney, and I walked about 1 mile to the closest little town called Keswick.  It was really cute and it felt good to be out of the coach and walking around.  We then had dinner at the hostel that as average.  I then did some of my religion reading and a bunch of the girls dragged mattresses into our room and we watched You’ve Got Mail.

View from our Hostel

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