Monday, September 7, 2009

First Day of School

Today was a first day of school unlike any other.  Kacey, Annie, and I woke up and went running, then came back and went right down the stairs to class without even showering.  It was weird, yet nice to simply take about 40 steps to get to class and not even worry about a "first day of school outfit."  My Honors Humanities class was first.  We are studying Medieval vs. Renaissance art and I'm really excited about the class.  Next was religion which was a little boring today, but should get much more interesting.  I then had a break and Kacey and I had lunch slash went and got a DC.  The final class I had today was an upper level Humanities focusing on landscape and architecture.  I'm most excited for this class because we get to paint, sketch, and take photographs, plus class discussion is really interesting.  After class I did homework and got some school supplies.  While we were studying in our room, this girl Emmy was playing her music rather loud so I decided to pull out my remote and control her music.  She got so confused and tried all sorts of things to fix it, yet still hasn't figured out what was wrong.  It was so funny to hear and see her reaction.  Kacey, Annie, and I had to try so hard not to burst out laughing and blow our cover.  We then had a delicious dinner, went on a run to the grape store, did an abs workout, and I even found time to paint my nails with "Big Apple Red."

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