Monday, September 21, 2009

Bronte House & York Minster

     Today we left for our trip to the North at 7AM.  I was tired considering I went to bed at 4:30AM and then woke up at 5:50AM to shower, pack a lunch, and eat breakfast.  However, Kacey, Abby, Annie, and I had the big back seat of the bus so I laid down in the aisle and slept the entire 5 hour coach ride.  We arrived in Hawesworth around 10AM and went on a tour of the Bronte House.  This was the house where the famous Bronte Sisters wrote many famous books including Jayne Eyre and Wuthering Heights.  The house was very charming and it was cool to see original pieces of furniture, clothing, books, and letters.  

Outside the Bronte House

     After Hawesworth we loaded the coach and headed to Yorkshire.  We then went on a tour of York Minster.  I came to York Minster on my ’08 Europe trip, but I learned so much more this time around.  It was interesting to learn that the minster was a political building rather than a ministry.  The Chapter room was probably my favorite part of the Minster.  It is one of the largest free standing rooms supported by oak beams with no central pillar.  After our tour, we got to climb to the top of the Tower.  This offered a great view of the town.  We then had the opportunity to attend Evensong.  It was interesting to observe another religion’s service and I loved hearing the children’s choir because the acoustics were amazing.  

The Chapter Room Windows and Ceiling 

On Top of York Minster
     We then left the Minster and were on our own for dinner.  A group of us went to McDonalds and got Happy Meals.  We asked a guy there named Pete to take a picture of us, and it turns out he is some huge celebrity over here and we saw him on about 5 different magazines but had no idea when we asked him.  After dinner we loaded the coach and went to our hostel.  I roomed with Jennifer, Abby, and Kristen.  There was a big common room so we all gathered in there and watched a few episodes of Friends and then headed to bed.  

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