Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fountains Abbey

     Today was our second day in Northern England.  We had a surprisingly yummy breakfast at the hostel and then loaded the coach to go to Fountains Abbey.  The drive was so pretty because it is pure green.  Once we arrived to Fountains Abbey it was about a 15-minute walk to the actual Abbey.  Fountains Abbey is basically huge ruins dating back to the 1100’s that were built by the Monks after they left York.  The ruins are so old that grass and moss have grown all around and on them.  This makes Fountains Abbey unique because nature has taken over architecture instead of architecture taking over nature.  In addition to the Abbey, there were also beautiful fountain and statue gardens that we walked through. Fountains Abbey was so beautiful and by far my favorite stop of the trip so far.  I also decided, as did about every other girl, that it would be the perfect place to have my Bridals taken.  I know I went a little picture crazy, but have a look at the pictures because this place was amazing.

Andy's Dreads
(the result of last night's project)

A Perfect Setting for Bridals

On the porch of a house in the gardens

On the bridge with Abbs

     After the Abbey we loaded the coach and then stopped for lunch in a little town.  A group of us had Panini’s at a cute little place called “The Sandwich Box.”  We then loaded the coach again and drove for about 2 hours before reaching the Lake District.  We checked into our hostel (I was in a room with Courtney, Kacey, and Jennifer) and then went to one of the little lake towns called Windermere where we walked around, shopped, and had drinks at Costa.  We also went to a cute Peter Rabbit shop because the author, Beatrix Potter, was from the area.  Once back to the hostel we had dinner which was also surprisingly good and included ice cream and crumble for dessert.  We ended the night by having a short educational meeting where Dr. Soper taught us about the Picturesque Movement and Dr. Paxman taught us about William Wordsworth and some of his works/history.  

On the Lake

In our Hostel

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