Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Day @ the V&A

Today started with me sleeping through my alarm to go running, but waking up in time for Biology.  We had class from 9-10:45 and then went to the Victoria and Albert Museum.  There were a lot cool things there, but we focused on the Rodin sculptures, different textiles, giant Roman pillars, and "The School of Athens" painting.  Dr. Evans know so much and it was so interesting to visit the museum with him.  All of what we saw was some how related to evolution and order.  After the V&A, we went and had lunch at the center.  Then Mandi, Kacey, and I went shopping at Primark (a huge clothing store with about everything you could ever need).  We found some cute things and then came back to the center for dinner.  After dinner Kacey, Mandi, Annie, and I finished out London Walk focused on the government and power.  We cut it a little short, but managed to grab a package of Hobnobs and reach the ending destination which was Buckingham Palace.  It was fun to see at night plus much less crowded than in the day.  The flag was flying so the Queen was there, but unfortunately we didn't see her.  We then jumped on the Tube (and found some cute company), bought some scarves when we got off, and headed home!  Anyway...time to try and get ahead on some homework.

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  1. Just wait for the people you'll see on the tube. They are so funny and you find them in every shape and size as you've seen! Sounds like you are having fun.