Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I See London, I See France!

     Today was our first travel day.  We boarded the coach at 8AM and went to our first stop, Dover Castle.  We got to spend about 2 hours there exploring and doing what we wanted.  I really loved seeing the views of the English Channel as well as climbing to the top of the Castle.
After the castle we went down to the beach and pier.  The "sand" was made of rocks, but the water was really pretty.  The temperature outside was pretty nice, but it was very windy as one can probably tell from the pictures.  It was cool to be standing in England, yet looking at France.
We then drove for another half hour or so to have a look at Canterbury and the Canterbury Cathedral.  Canterbury is a darling little place.  We got to spend some free time while there and happened to find the cutest/best little candy shop.  We then split into groups of about 120 and went on guided tours of the cathedral.  We had a cute old man as our tour guide.  He knew so much and it was so interesting to learn all about Thomas Becket as well as Roman and Gothic architecture.  After the tour Kacey and I grabbed a DC at McDonalds and loaded the coach to head back to London.  The ride home was a bit long, but I managed to sleep for most of it.  A group of us went to Cafe Diana for dinner and then came home and did some homework.  I still can't believe I actually live here and I seem to love it more and more!

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