Monday, September 14, 2009

A Night @ The Globe

     Today started with a long run through Hyde Parker with Kacey.  Believe it or not, I have been running more here then I ever have at home because it's so fun to be out and in the park.  After running I ate a quick breakfast and then went to class from 9AM to about 2:15PM with about an hour break around noon.  After class I had to meet with my Hamlet group, which was quite interesting.  We have an assignment to rewrite and act an assigned act.  It just so happens that everyone in my group, with the exception of Kacey and me, was in drama club in high school and loves this kind of stuff.  What is supposed to be a simple and short assignment is turning into a dramatic and elaborate mini play including singing and extreme costumes/props.  Wow do I hate group assignments and with such kind of people and procedures.

     After our meeting it was time for dinner, which was actually served earlier than usual so we could be on time for As You Like It at the Globe Theatre.  Getting to the Globe was fun because we walked right past St. Paul's as well as over Millennium Bridge (apparently this is the bridge in Harry Potter 6, but I wouldn't know because I still haven't seen it) both of which were beautiful and offer a great view of London Bridge.  The play was really entertaining, funny, and well done.  It was fun to be in the Globe and have a feel for how it must have been back in the days of Shakespeare.  Our seats were to the side, but we also had the option of going down with the "groundlings" (Sicong and Brooke with her headband took full advantage of this).  My favorite line from the play would have to be: "How bitter it is to look into happiness through another man's eyes."  The play last a good 2.5 hours and then we headed home.  On the way home Abs and I stopped at Tesco to restock on DC and popcorn.  We then came home and has some slash talked forever.

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