Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Rainy Tuesday

     Today started with big plans, but things changed as the day progressed.  Kacey, Annie, and I ran to the other side of the park and back (this was progress for us) and then came back and had breakfast.  After breakfast was Biology which was great today because Dr. Evans let us out when the Internet guy came (this meant finishing an hour early).  A group of us had planned to go for afternoon tea in Kensington Gardens, but considering that it poured down rain, we decided to reschedule.  Instead we had some yummy leftovers (the leftovers here really are good because we have homemade meals here every night), popped some popcorn, and decided to turn our room into a cinema.  To do this we closed the curtains to our big window to make it dark, set up a computer to watch the movie on, and made a big couch out of mattresses in the middle of the floor.  We then popped in The Proposal and life was good.  Nothing beats an afternoon movie on a rainy day.  

The Monday Movie Crew
     After the movie/nap it was already time for dinner.  We had a delicious Italian dinner and then I went with to Tesco with Mary-Celeste.  She was singing the whole way there and I was quite entertained as she has quite the opera voice.  The remainder of the night consisted homework, kitchen snacks, and filming our dance videos on Photo Booth.  

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