Friday, October 2, 2009

A Familiar Face & My 1-Month Anniversary of Palace Court

     Today was a fun day.  I slept in until about 8:15AM, had some breakfast, and then decided to do my balance ball workout DVD.  I kept the sound off on the DVD since some were still sleeping and it was funny to watch their faces as they awakened because they thought I was just randomly doing a routine in the middle of the floor.  Believe it or not, it was pretty challenging and a good workout.  Kacey left at about 10 AM to meet her parents at their hotel.  About an hour later she and Nata came over.  We gave her a tour and it was so good to see someone from home.  Nata brought a huge Vera duffle full of stuff for the two of us.  My cute mom sent me all sorts of things from clothes, to fiber bars, gum, DVDs, and my favorite V Chocolate Toffee Popcorn.  I felt like it was Christmas.  Kacey went off with Kirk and Nata for the afternoon and I went to the National Gallery for my two humanities classes.  We met Dr. Soper there and toured through the gallery discussing and observing many different paintings.  For my 202 class, we saw everything from Degas, to Monet, to Van Gough. For my 440 class, I had to pick a painting by J.M.W. Turner and write a paper analyzing the aesthetic choices and connections within the painting.
     Courtney, Abby, and I left the National Gallery together.  When we got off the tube Abby went back to the Center, but I went with Courtney to run a few errands.   I then came back and got ready to go out for the night.  Kirk, Nata, Kacey, and I went and had dinner at Covet Garden, got a Ben’s Cookie, and then went to The Lion King.  The show was amazing and I couldn’t believe the costumes.  It was such a fun night and it’s so fun having Kirk and Nata here. 

The Lion King!

Tube Ride Home
     Today also marks the 1-month anniversary of living here at 27 Palace Court.  I honestly love being here more than I ever could have imagined.  In reflection of this day…here are my “TOP 5” favorite things thus far:
1. Fountains Abbey
2. Coldplay Concert in the pouring rain @ Wembley Stadium
3. Daily runs in Hyde Park
4. Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
5. Late nights and laughs with the girls I have met

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