Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conference Sunday

     Today was a very enjoyable day. Kacey and I woke up and went on a long walk (about and hour and a half) through Hyde Park with Kirk and Nata.  We then came back and showered and then met back up with them.  Because it’s Conference weekend, there was no church so we had a lot of free time.  The four of us walked down Portobello Road and then went to St. Paul’s Cathedral.  It was fun to go in on a Sunday and see it in use as a church more then a tourist attraction.  I then came back and helped Jay Lynn Evans with some of the cooking she had been working on all day.  She made us the most amazing brunch with a total of 10 different dishes.  Every single dish was completely homemade, intricate, and artistically prepared.  A few of my favorites included the cranberry white chocolate muffins with cinnamon crumble on top, cream cheese and chocolate filled French Toast, toasted bread and egg cups (filled with broccoli, feta, bacon, and cheese) topped with tomato and avocado, a quiche with feta cheese and sweet potatoes, and delicious cinnamon rolls.  It really is a crime what an amazing cook she is and it’s good she only cooks once a month or every girl would come home obese.  Brunch lasted from 4PM until 5PM.  Kirk and Nata came to the center and ate with us and then stayed to watch the morning broadcast of Conference with everyone at the center.  It was fun to experience Conference projected in the classroom, with all of the girls, at 5PM (as opposed to 10AM which is too early), yet still in the comfort of my pajamas.  After Conference we had more of the food and sang “Happy Birthday” to Kacey.  I then did homework and Kacey and I had a sleepover in my bed/watched Two Weeks Notice.

Helping in the kitchen

The beginning of our feast

Singing to Kace

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