Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy 20th Birthday Gladdus!

Today is Kacey’s 20th birthday.  I am so excited to be celebrating it with her in London.  She really is the best friend one could ask for.  We have so many fabulous memories and have done so much together.  Not everyone can say they have grown up with, lived with, gone to school with, and literally traveled the world with their best friend.  However, I am lucky enough to say I have.  I can’t think of a birthday we haven’t spent together, so it’s a good thing we came here together since we both turn 20 while here.  We also got to celebrate with her parents, which made it really fun. 

     To start the day off, we went on a run slash walk with Nata in Hyde Park.  Kacey and I then went to Humanities, but decided to take the day off the rest of the day from school.  The remainder of the afternoon consisted of lunch at the Italian place in Harrods and shopping with Kirk and Nata.  At about 4:30PM, Kace and I came back to do a few things and get ready for the night.  At about 5:45PM, Kacey, Abby, and I went to dinner at Zizzi with Kirk and Nata.  I gave Kacey her present (a necklace with a little crown, short rain boots, and a scarf) and she loved it.  We then headed to the theater district to see “Jersey Boys.”  It was a really fun musical and a great way to celebrate Kacey’s birthday.  We then headed home and attempted to do some homework slash hang out with the other girls.  Kirk and Nata leave tomorrow, but it was so fun to have them here and the closest thing to having my parents visit. 

Kacey's New Rainboots

Lunch @ Harrods

Jersey Boys

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