Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Down House

       First off and most importantly…HappyBirthday Jingle.  I can’t believe my little pooch is 11.  Wish he could be here with me to go for a stroll in the park.

A Competitive Duo at Strut Your Mutt

        Today was a busy day.  This morning for Biology we headed out to Down House, the residence Charles Darwin.  It took about an hour to get to and was freezing cold, but totally worth it.  While the scientific part of it was interesting considering we are studying evolution, it was the actual house I liked most.  As it turns out, Darwin comes from the Wedgewood family (as in Wedgewood China) and he married his first cousin Emma who is also a Wedgewood.  Needless to say, Darwin was not a starving scientist and his house proved it.  A father to 10 children, Darwin’s house and garden was large enough to accommodate the entire clan and was very charming.  After Down House we headed back to central London so we could all get ready for our 4-day break.  Laura, Kacey, and I went and got some food to take to Ireland.  We also picked up some delicious Tomato Basil and Balsamic soup to warm us up.  I then came home and took a much needed nap, did some homework, ate dinner, packed, and finally went to bed around 2AM.  Oh yeah…while I was attempting to fall asleep I was kept up a little nibble and crumble sound.  As I soon discovered, Snyder left her bag open and on the floor with our Marks & Spencer cookies inside and a little mouse decided to snack on them.  Not knowing what to do, I jumped out of bed, kicked the bag, and went back to bed without another sound.  Good one Snyder.  

Outside Down House

For Dad!  Saw this when we were going to Down House and thought of you.  

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