Saturday, October 10, 2009

FALL ing for London

     As you can tell from my pictures, Fall has arrived and I love it.  There is just something so great about the crisp autumn air, the changing leafs, and throwing on a scarf/boots that makes Fall my favorite season.  I got to experience London in the Fall first hand on Thursday when we went to Hyde Park for my Humanities 440 class.  The class focuses on landscapes, so we went and sketched in the park.  It was such a lovely day and so nice to get out of the center, especially since we are in class on Thursdays form 9-4:30.  I'm not a very good sketcher, but am working on it and starting to get a little better.  Once classes were over, it was pretty much time for dinner.  After dinner, most people went out to various places.  Therefore, Abby, Kacey, Annie, and I took full advantage of this by making a big couch in our room and having a "GGDC" (Gossip Girl & Diet Coke) Night.  It was very needed and a lot of fun.  I fell asleep at 10:30PM and slept until 8:30AM Friday morning.

Sketching in Hyde Park

A few shots of Hyde Park

     On Friday, Abby, Kacey, and I went for a run in the park.  We then came home and showered/had lunch.  After lunch, Abby, Kacey, Annie, Laura, Kristin, and I went to Harrods.  We picked up a cupcake at Lola's Cupcakes in the Food Halls and then roamed through the entire store.  My favorite section was the Wedding Dress and Evening Gown section.  The workers kind of glared at us since we didn't have an appointment, but the dresses were amazing and totally in my price range.  After shopping we headed home for dinner which was delicious Chinese food.  After dinner we did a little homework and the Cambria Evans showed us her children's book and all of the design work she has done for Martha Stewart.  She does the coolest stuff and already agreed to do my wedding invitations.  We then had a DC with Jaelyn and Cambria.  In celebration of it being Queen Day, we projected The Queen in the classroom and watched it with a big group of girls.    
     Saturday started by running in the park with Kacey, Abby, and Annie.  At the end of our run Abby and I decided to join in on a game of "football" in Hyde Park.  Dr. Evans came and played and was so into it.  He played in the back and literally kept diving down in the mud to block the goal.  It turns out he played for BYU in college.  After football, I took a much needed shower and then headed to Borough Market with Abby, Annie, Kacey, Laura, and Megan.  Borough Market is a huge food market with everything from fish to turkish delight. As you walk through the market, you can sample food at most of the booths.  It was fun to go with a big group because we would buy one thing and then each taste it.  Below is what I tasted and what I thought about it.
-Crumbled Fudge
-Mushroom Spread
-Balsamic Vinegar #8
-All of the cheese
-Strawberries w/Jersey Cream
-Feta Dip
-Chai Tea
-Chocolate-filled Eclair 

-Turkish Delight
-Misshapen Chocolate

Borough Market

     After Borough Market we headed to Lillywhites to pick up some running pants to wear when it gets cold.  It was very crowded and somewhat stressful, but we found what we needed.  We came back to the center and made some arrangements for our trip to Ireland and then went and got Panini at Cafe Diana for dinner.  The remainder of the night consisted of an evening stroll, prank calling, and blogging. 

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