Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fancy a Snog?

     Today I had Biology for about 2 hours.  We had a trial for Galileo and I had to defend him.  Our side completely destroyed the prosecution.  After Biology Kacey, Abby, and I went running and then for frozen yogurt at this fun place called SNOG.  It was similar to Spoon Me in both taste and atmosphere, but not as good.  I then came home and trapped myself in the Library for 4 hours so I could get a bunch of homework done.  I also skyped Abigail for a little while which was fun.  We then had some delicious Broccoli & Cheese soup for dinner.  I then did more homework and attending a movie night for my Humanities where we watched the first hour of the six-hour Pride and Prejudice.  After the movie a group of us (Bev, Marge, Renee, Gladdus, and I) had some DC in the kitchen.  We then did some homework, an Ab workout, and started Gossip Girl season 2.  

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