Monday, October 19, 2009

A Monday Full of Midterms

     Today was a crazy school day and I’m so happy it’s finally over.  I woke up at about 7:30 AM so I could study before eating breakfast at 8 AM and then study more until my Humanities 202 class at 9AM.  My test went pretty well.  I knew all of the art and did felt like I wrote a good essay, but I will have to see how well I did on the fill in the blank questions.  Normally we have religion class immediately after 202, but considering that some girls had 3 midterms today, Schruler was nice and said he would hold a second class in the afternoon so we could use the morning time to study.  Abby, Megan, and I studied together for Humanities 440, but we pretty fried by this point and seemed to find everything and anything funny.  Soper happened to pass us while we were studying and gave us some “possible” essay questions that could appear on the test.  Turns out both of his options were on the test so I was happy to be prepared for them.  My 440 test seemed easier and I was just happy to be all done.  After our test, Abby and I went on a run in Hyde Park so that we could get some fresh air and get out of the center.  We then went to religion, which actually wasn’t too bad.  For dinner we had really weird curry pasta stuff that wasn’t that good.  Curry seems to be the seasoning of choice here in London, but I always alter the taste with my balsamic vinegar.  After dinner we had a guest speaker (the same old guy that took us on out country walk) who came and talked to us about living in London during World War II.  It was really interesting to hear about what he experienced including everything from rationed food to blackouts to climbing into their family shelter while bombs were being dropped.  This event was followed by molasses cookies compliments on Jaelyn.  We then tried to figure out our trip to Holland/Belgium with the Evans, but ran into a few complications.  However, we did book our night bus tickets to Scotland, which I’m stoked about.  As usual, the night ended in the servery having popcorn and DC with Annie, Abby, Kacey, and Laura.  However, best part of the last 24 hours was finding out that the parentals meeting me in Paris for my birthday.  I’m so excited and can’t wait to see them!

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