Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Tea

     Today was a beautiful day here in London, blue skies and about 55 degrees.  My day started as a typical Tuesday with Biology, a run with Abby and Kacey, and then a shower.  Since it was such a nice day, Kacey, Abby, Laura, Annie, Nicole, Kristen, and I decided to go for tea at the Orangery in Kensington Gardens.  We all tried something different, but I had cinnamon tea and a lemon cupcake.  Both were delicious.  This little outing was so relaxing and felt very British.  We then walked through the park and headed back to the center.  A big group of us (Abby, Kacey, Laura, Annie, Lauren, Mandi, Courtney, and I) ate our dinner (yummy Greek food) quickly and then headed to the Les Miserables Box office.  We were excited because we got amazing seats and for the student price.  We had to divide into pairs so I sat with Abby and our seats were on the first row of the first balcony.  Prime!  Les Miserables was amazing and I’m so glad we went.   

Afternoon Tea

Outside the Orangery

On the "Keep off the Grass" lawn

Walking in Hyde Park

Les Miserables


Front Row Tickets

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