Wednesday, October 7, 2009

9-Mile Country Walk

     Today was a rather rainy and strenuous day.  We left at about 8:30AM to catch a train to Kent.  While waiting for the train, SiCong was worried about the dirty/smelly air and kept her mouth covered the whole time and it was so funny (see photo).  Once there, we met these 3 older men that took us on a 9-mile country walk.  It was very green and beautiful, but rainy and a little cold.  The walk wandered throughout villages, castles, and forest.  We ate lunch in a little castle called Eynsford Castle.  While there, Mary-Celeste decided to climb up into a hole and we were all certain she would fall or get stuck, but luckily she made it down.  We all had to bundle up, thus we ended up in quite random clothes.  Most unforgivable of was our running shoes with regular pants.  Annie made the comment that we totally looked like “Disneyland tourists with their kid on a leash.”  It was the sad truth. Annie and I listened to my ipod on the way home and fell dead asleep.  We then hurried home to our warm/dry so we could sleep for about an hour before dinner.  Dinner was ok.  It was a chicken stroganoff, but I opted for leftover soup.  After dinner I did homework, went on a walk with Kacey, and talked with girls in the servery.  A few girls are starting to get sick, so I really hope we all don’t get sick.  I must add…even though it was a rainy day, Fall is definitely here and all of the leafs are starting to change into such pretty colors, which reminds me why Fall is my season of choice.  

SiCong @ the train station and Mary-Celeste in her hole

Pictures from our Country Walk

Lunch inside the castle ruins

With our guides

Inside the Castle

Darling Flower Display

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