Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday in Paris

       Today was another wonderful day in Paris.  We all slept in and then headed out to explore more of the city.  Naturally, as soon as we came out of the Metro, my Dad was hungry.  We just so happened to be right be Angelina’s on Rue Rivoli and so we decided to “feed the beast” and enjoy a lovely brunch.  My mom and I both ordered the full breakfast that included freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, a plate of pastries with delicious butter and jam, and some divinely rich hot chocolate.  My dad ordered a yummy omelet.  I think it would be safe to say this was the best meal we have had, plus the restaurant itself was darling. 

Outside our Hotel

Store by our hotel that my Dad found ironic

Our Delicious Breakfast
      Following brunch we headed over to L’Orangerie.  This museum features the 8 large water lily paintings by Monet in addition to other impressionism works such as Renoir.  Our next stop was Notre Dame.  Yes, this was our 3rd time back, but this time we went so we could climb to the top.  We were the long wasn’t too long and we headed up the 400 or so steps.  The view was really beautiful and it was really cool to see one of the bells.  After Notre Dame, we headed just down the river to the Deportation Memorial.  This is a memorial honoring those who were killed in the holocaust.  It was sad, but moving.  We then headed over to Saint Chapelle, which is a church known for its stunning glass windows.  The entire church was built in less than 11 years, and the glass is exquisite.  It’s funny because the chapel is tucked away and one would never know it existed just by walking down the road. 


Outside L'Orangerie

En Route to Notre Dame

Notre Dame Gargoyle

Atop Notre Dame

Quassy Moto

Outside Notre Dame

Inside Saint Chapelle
        After seeing the windows is was time for lunch.  We decided to stop at a crepe stand where my mom and I got crepes and my dad got a sandwich with super spicy mustard.  It was fun because the stand was right by the Saint Michelle Fountains, which were very pretty.  After eating, it was time for my dad to go rest while my mom and I headed over to the Champs Ellysees for some shopping.  We had so much fun wandering down the boulevard and I was happy because I found my favorite French face wash at Monoprix, bonbons at a candy shop, my mom found her favorite chocolates, and we found some darling baby clothes.  Other highlight while shopping included a red carpet dog event that was going on and the Louis Vuitton Windows.  

Tour Guide Lisa and Supreme Court Judge John

Outside Louis Vuitton
        After shopping we headed back to the hotel to grab my Dad and then went to dinner.  Believe it or not, we ended up going to an Italian place that was really yummy.  After dinner we walked to the Arc de Triumph to climb to the top.  It turned out we were 2 minutes too late and were denied access.  However, we still walked around the base of it.  After a long, but very fun day we headed back to the hotel.  I still can’t believe I am lucky enough to be in Paris with my parents and have them all to myself.  I have missed them so much and have loved having this time with them.

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