Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blenheim Palace and Oxford

        Today was a really fun day, but freezing cold.  We loaded the coach at 8:30AM and headed to Blenheim Palace.  I had never even heard of it before, thus had no expectations.  It turned out to be so beautiful and interesting.  Blenheim Palace was the birthplace of Churchill and is the residence for the Duke of Blenheim.  The architectural style is Baroque and it was fun because all of the Christmas decorations were up.  We went on an hour-long tour with a very good tour guide and then explored the gardens.  
The Palace was all ready for Christmas
Outside the Palace
A glimpse at the gardens
Exploring the Palace Gardens
Outside with Kacey
        After the Palace we headed to Oxford.  We had a darling old man as a tour guide that was very interesting.  The only problem was that the tour was outside, 90 minutes long, and FREEZING cold.  Yes William…I did see “the great dining hall” from that one movie you like.  All of the buildings were beautiful and I loved learning about the system of colleges within the university.  After our tour Abby, Annie, Kacey, Lauren and I grabbed a steamer at Starbucks and the walked around the town.  We all were happy to find some cute Oxford apparel and do a little Christmas shopping.  We loaded the coach at 5PM and headed back to the centre.  It was a 5 pound dinner night so Abby and I went and had chicken avocado salads at Zizzi.  After dinner we helped Jaelyn in the kitchen, had some DC, put a DC on Soper’s doorstep, and did some homework.  
Oxford Football Fields
The Great Hall
Outside the Great Hall

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