Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Imperial War Museum and Billy Elliot

       Today I had Biology from 9-12.  After class I showered and the Annie, Laura, Lauren, Abby, Kacey, and I went to the Imperial War Museum.  This had all sorts of war stuff and was really cool. By far my favorite exhibit was the Holocaust Exhibition.  It was so interesting, but very depressing.  After the museum Kacey and I made a quick stop and Covent Garden and then headed back to the center for dinner.  Dinner was the best it has been in a while and it was yummy lime chicken tacos with fresh salsa.  After dinner Laura, Kacey, and I jumped on the tube and went to Billy Elliot.  I had heard it was good, but it was amazing.  I couldn’t believe the talent of such young performers.  The boy that played Billy is only 13 and such an amazing dancer.  I feel so lucky tot be able to just walk out the door and go to a show.  It scares me to think that my days here are flying by so I best enjoy it while I can.

Sign from World War 1


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