Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday in Paris

     Today was another great day in Paris.  I enjoyed sleeping in and then my Dad, Mom, and I went to church as the Paris ward.  It was much larger than I expected and I could actually understand things because everything was translated.  After church we headed to the Pompidou (modern art museum).  The best way to explain everything about the Pompidou is that is all weird, but cool at the same time.  The building itself is very modern and was controversial when constructed in the 1970’s due to the way it contrasted with its setting.  My favorite pieces were works by Picasso, Pollock, Duchamp, Matisse, Delaunay, and Jorn.  



(love that this is considered a famous work of art)


The Pompidou
       After the Pompidou, we had lunch at a cute café near Les Halles.  The only downside was the random birds that would fly in.  Knowing how much I hate birds, my mom pretended as though one was on my leg.  I shrieked and everyone around us was staring/laughing at me.  So embarrassing and contrary to what Lis thought, not funny.  After lunch we walked over to Notre Dame for an Organ Concert.  It was so cool to hear the organ for an extended amount of time and in full use.  After the concert we wandered around looking for the bus we needed, but were unsuccessful.  We ended up taking the Metro and made it just in tome to visit the Marmotten Museum.  This was a favorite of the day.  The museum holds the private collection of Marmotten, which includes a large amount of impressionism, particularly Monet.  We then enjoyed a pleasant walk back to the hotel and had a nice evening just talking, hanging out, and finishing The Italian Job.  

Outside the Marmotten Museum

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