Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Central Mosque of London

Central Mosque of London
            Today was a rather long, but fun day.  I got to sleep in until about 9 AM and then Kacey, Abby, and I went on a walk in the park.  For our Culture and Communities Class, we went to the Central Mosque of London.  Courtney and I kind of got separated from the group when we came out of the Tube, but luckily we found our way to the Mosque.  Omar, our guide, gave us a tour and we sat in on a prayer.  It was interesting to learn about Islam and learn about the culture.  However, after 3 hours of it I was happy to be on my way.  We then walked back to the Tube through Regents Park, which is a gorgeous park.  Our plan was to go straight to St. Paul’s, but we were all cold and tired so we decided to stop at Starbucks and then head home.  I came back and did some homework and took a nap. 
            For dinner I had the pleasure of meeting up with Tana.  We went to this fun Pizzeria (similar to The Pie) that is one of the oldest in London and is known for their live music.  We met at 8 PM, ate a delicious dinner, talked, laughed, enjoyed the band, and left around 11:30.  Tana is so nice and it was so fun to see a familiar face.  

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