Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day and Hampton Court

            Today was a rainy and somewhat cold day.  All of us left the center around 9 AM to catch a train to Hampton Court.  The train ride was a little long, but really fun.  Jenny kept us entertained with her lines such as “what the heck is that?” and “not bad” (you kind of had to be there in order for this to make sense and be funny).  Once we got to Hampton Court we first participated in 2 minutes of silence at 11 AM for Remembrance Day (11/11@11AM) to remember all those who fought for freedom in the UK.  We then toured through various staterooms, halls, kitchens, and the grounds.  It was fun to see the two different types of architecture (Tudor and Baroque) throughout the Palace.  The gardens were very pretty, but would have been much more enjoyable on a nicer day.  After Hampton Court, Abby, Kristen, Laura, Lauren, Annie, Kacey, and I headed back to the center before everyone so that we could get our hands on the yummy left over’s.  We made a batch of supreme nachos that were delicious.  I then attempted to do a little homework and then ran some errands with Lauren.  I had to go to this sketchy Lebanese market on Queensway to get my cell phone unlocked and working.  We then went to Portobello Road to find Laur some Wellies.  After our errands we came back and had some dinner, some Diet Coke with everyone, and then I made a few Skype calls.   Oh yeah, Mary-Celeste also told me I couldn’t do push-ups so she taught me how, but made very little progress.  Best news of the day…John and Lisa are currently en route to Paris to meet me for my birthday.  I leave early Friday morning to meet them and it can’t seem to come soon enough.  Until then, I have loads of homework and a lot of packing.

Outside Hampton Court

The Astronomical Clock

In one of the kitchens

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