Saturday, November 21, 2009

Goodbye Paris

        Today was my 9th and final day in Paris. It started with sleeping in until about 8:45AM and checking out of our hotel by about 9:30AM.  Kacey, Annie, Abby, Laura, and I then headed to the train station to store our bags.  Considering I was hauling over a week’s worth of clothes, Paris purchases, and my computer, my bag was quite heavy. I thought I might snap my back in half and I was so happy when we finally got to the lockers.  However, the train station did randomly have one thing to offer and that was a store with the kind of ear warmers I have been searching for.  Everyone else was happy about the find too and we all purchased one.  After the station we headed to the Moulin Rouge.  We went out of curiosity and high hope, but it turned out to be nothing special.  After snapping a picture, we made a run out of the sketchy area.  
        Our next stop was lunch crepes at our favorite crepe stand near the Saint Michelle Fountain.  Kacey and I made the wise decision to go halfsies on a cheese and chicken crepe.  It was delicious and hit the spot.  Our next stop was the Eiffel Tower for one last look and picture stop.  Naturally, we also had out last taste of a Nutella, banana, and coconut crepe.  While taking pictures, we met a group of teenage boys that were dressed up for some sort of ­­initiation and wanted to be in pictures with us.  
Eiffel Tower Photo Stop
One for the Mantle
        After the tower we headed to the Opera House and Galleries Lafayette.  Galleries Lafayette was super crowded with it being a Saturday and the holidays, so we just looked at the main floor/dome and then went to the Longchamp department.  It was so crowded that we had to wait in a line and wait our turn before being let into the department.  However, it was worth the wait because Kacey and I both found cute purses.  Thanks to Nana for letting me pick something out in Paris for my birthday.  After shopping we jumped on the Metro and headed to the Champs Ellysees.  Our first stop was the giant Haagen’daz.  Kacey and I shared a 3-scoop cup with Dolce De Leche, Chocolate Midnight Cookie, and Vanilla Carmel Brownie.  Yes! It was as good as it sounds.  We then worked our way through the busy crowds up to McDonalds so we could sit and rest for a minute.  
Our Longchamps
Opera House
        After resting, we made one last stop at our favorite candy store to get some Bonbons (Abby’s total was only 2.05 this time), and then wandered/played with make-up in Sephora.  At about 7:00PM we were exhausted so we said goodbye to Paris and headed to the train station.  Once to the station we picked up our luggage, waited until we could go through security, and the boarded the Chunnel to London.  Paris was amazing, but I’m very tired and excited to be back home in London.  I love that London feels like home to me, but hate that the next time I leave London, it will be for good.  I can’t believe how fast my time here has gone and it makes me so sad when I think about leaving.  I guess I just better live up the next 3 weeks.  

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