Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Tuesday in Paris

        Today was a busy day and started with a slight drizzle.  We have actually been really lucky with the weather considering the forecast was rain everyday and this was the first we needed our umbrellas.  The first thing we did was walk to the Rodin Museum (I must say that the location of out hotel is perfect because it is within walking distance of so much, plus it is right by the Eiffel Tower…perfect for picture stops).  Once to the Rodin, we toured the inside first and then the gardens.  I couldn’t believe how large the collection was and how talented Rodin was.  The museum, which was also his house, was so beautiful as were the gardens.  We had a lot of fun reading about each of the pieces and reenacting some of them.  

"The Kiss"

Inside the Rodin

"The Gates of Hell"

In the Rodin Gardens 

Walking through the gardens

        By about noon, it was time to leave the Rodin and go meet BYU.  We had to get on the Metro and go to the slums of Paris, but it was so fun to see everyone.  I ran straight to my friends and Kacey ran straight to my mom and dad.  It’s weird because when you live with people 24/7, 4 days away from them feels like 4 weeks.  I introduced my parents to everyone and then we grabbed some lunch before meeting everyone at the Sacrecouer.  Once to the Sacrecouer, we ate our lunch and then went inside the church.  I hesitantly (due to separation anxiety) said bye to the parentals for the day and headed off with the girls.  It was fun to be with everyone again and in Paris.  


       We decided to head over to the Champs Ellysees to shop, see the Arc, and get some bonbons…naturally.  After shopping, we decided to go on a dusk river cruise.  It was really cold on the river, but the views of the city were beautiful.  After the cruise, we went and got Happy Meals at McDonalds.  Yes, we had American food for our first night in Paris (just one of the slight differences from traveling with students vs. parents).  After dinner, Kacey and I walked back to my parents hotel to get my sleepover stuff.  On the way we stopped at Hagen’ daz and shared some delicious ice cream.  After grabbing my stuff, we jumped on the Metro and headed to our BYU hotel.  Despite the remote location of the hotel, it was actually pretty nice.  I was also happy because I got Abby as a roommate, which meant laughs, talking until 2AM, me falling off of the counter, and doorbell ditching.  Once again…another wonderful day in magical Paris.  Oh and I can’t forget…HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!  I think this is the first time we have spent our birthdays apart, but I hope she has/had a wonderful day!

The Arc with the Crew

A delicious Mcdonalds dinner

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