Monday, August 17, 2009

London Luncheon

Today Karen hosted a London Luncheon for Kacey and me.  This was the perfect occasion for us to get advice from others that have experienced the same London Study Abroad program and been residents of 27 Palace Court.  The guest list included Karen and Hannah Hale, Ruth and Jen Todd, Nata and Kacey,  and Lisa, Abigail, and me.  As usual, Karen set a beautiful table and accompanied with an English menu.  We started with my Mom's Fresh Pea Soup, then bite-size Cucumber Sandwiches, Salad, and darling Cupcakes with British flags.  Favors included British chocolate and a mini Big Ben for each guest.  The hour was filled with many laughs as each person told of a favorite London memory.  We also played "Cockney Slang" which is a rhyming game with different cards that have British Lingo on them.  Cockney Slang was developed so that non-locals couldn't understand what was being said by the locals in the East End of London.  Typically, the second word of a two-word phrase rhymes with the actual word.  One might say "We're in Barney Rubble" meaning "trouble".  Hopefully I fit in better now that I have learned a little slang.  This lunch was really fun and I am so excited to join the many that have been residents of 27 Palace Court. Time to go pick up a London Guide Book and start the packing!

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